Ultra Blue Product Specification

Detergent Speckles Blue

We are supply the finest quality of salt based Sodium Chloride Detergent Speckles manufacturing. We fabricate Sodium Chloride Speckles in the best condition so that it meets the high standard of the market.

Product Feature:

  • Sodium Chloride Based Color Speckles
  • Economical & Eco Friendly
  • Colorful & Easily dissolvable

Nacl 89%
Silica 1%
Na₂sio₃ 6%
Naco₃ 2%
Titanium Dioxide 0.35%
Pigment 2%
Moister 0.05%
Appearence well match the sample
Colors All Colors (VBGYORS)
Expire More than One Year
Available Colors Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Violet, Sky Blu & Red
Packing 25kg, 50kg, HDPE Bags