Penta Hydrate 5H₂O

SMS penta hydrate

Product Conforming:

  • IS: 9424-1979 of bureau of indian standards
  • Packed in: High density polyethene woven bags. Nett content -50kg
  • Uses: Used in metal cleaning compounds and manufacyure of refractory chemicals finds applications in dishwashing formulation, textiles, medium & heavy duty laundering & cement industries. Highly recommended ripening agent as a catalytic enhancer of sugar cane crops (equivalent to "polaris" of monsanto (USA))

Technical specification Penta Hydrate (5H₂O)
Total Alkalinity (as NA₂O)% by mass, min 29
Ratio Total Alkalinity (as NA₂O) to toal soluble silica (as SIO₂) (NA₂O) 1:1 ± 0.05
Loss on evaporation % by mass, max 43.5
Matter insoluble in water % by mass, max 0.5
Free alkalinity (as NA₂O)% by mass, max