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Are you searching the best detergent powder manufacturer in chennai is a Difficult task for good buyer. Vairam chemicals top detergent powder manufacturers

About Vairam chemicals

Vairam Chemicals is a reputed Detergent Powder Manufacturing company based in Chennai India. Established in 1963. Our Company is involved in manufacturing and supply household goods like Washing Powder, Detergent Soap, Diswash Soap, Detergent Raw Material, Detergent liquid, Diswash Liquid, Toilet cleaner, Floor cleaner, Color speckles etc., Most of the Productsare best quality. Vairam Chemicals offers a very competitive prices and best services.

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No.138c, Keela Street, Chinthamani,
Madurai-625 009, Tamil Nadu, India

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A.M. Kamil B.Sc., M.B.A

Contact Number:+91 98943 81309

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